About The EFP

Myself, Tim Killeen, started The EFP back in 2007. I am, of course, a soccer enthusiast, who not only loves to vent my passionate opinions about the game, but one who also loves to write. I am predominantly interested in developing better skills in this area. Creating a site, that fulfilled both these objectives, seemed like the logical thing to do. The benefits have been considerable.

After coming up with the initial brainwave I approached sibling, Daniel Killeen, and together with mutual friend, Ali Qader (Qader Business Solutions), we set about creating a blog site with an edge. A website different to anything already out there. Later we encouraged other like-minded writers (or frustrated football commentators) to contribute.  In addition, mutual friend, Ian Mood, of Made By Mood, kindly crafted an appropriate and evocative logo and header to sit well with our styles of writing. The writing space or platform, we named The English Football Post, thus began to take shape and, more importantly, continued to evolve and grow in stature.

What was initially my own blog page, to air some of my shameful prejudices, soon became a space where like-minded individuals were invited to join; to share thoughts, articles, short stories, and even betting advice. We have since added some cool features to keep you here longer – like latest fifa news headlines and photos, popular youtube videos, live scores, BBC Five Live, European league tables, our new Fans Forum, and friendly ‘Post’ competitions (Please see details of our EFP Win a Shirt Competition below).

At first, writers contributing were predominantly friends, or friends’ friends, but word soon spread, and we’ve since attracted a diverse group of writers: to share their loves and hates with what has become an established readership – currently between 30,000 – 40,000 unique visitors per month.

Although there have been many sporadic contributors over the past two years, Jon Greenbank and Ian Buckley deserve special mention. With us from the beginning, both have been habitual, worthy, and well-liked writers for The EFP, both making names for themselves, respectively.

Whilst Ian writes a regular, well-respected, betting advice blog (Buckley’s Bets: tips on world football), Jon has enlightened readers with a gamut of creative, and cutting edge articles, blogs, and most recently, witty short stories. Both, in their own unique styles and insights, are a joy to read, and, most certainly, a credit to this site. We encourage you to join them.

A series of writing – win a shirt – competitions are currently underway at The English Football Post, courtesy of SoccerPro, just to give writers an added incentive: Jon Greenbank was its inaugural winner, winning a soccer shirt of his choice.

I’d like to take this opportunity to say thanks to ALL who have contributed thus far: to those of you who’ve written posts, left kind comments, and also to all of our jovial readers. Long may things continue to evolve and continue to move onwards and upwards in the 2010-2011 season.

Additionally, anyone interested in writing please make contact with myself. Knowing personally how rewarding and satisfying blogging and writing articles can be, The English Football Post, on so many levels, can only be a positive and beneficial experience to a wide range of individuals; both for self-promotion and self-development purposes.

Readers, please keep enjoying the content, and if anyone has anything to ask – whether about writing or football – or have suggestions on how we could improve, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Just use the contact us query form.

Thanks, again, for listening.