Weekend Betting Tips


Match Stats

Bolton v Tottenham Saturday, 12.45pm


Ø Bolton have won one and lost five of their nine matches against top-eight finishers the previous season and current top-eight teams this season.

Ø There have been at least three goals in 9 of Bolton’s last 13 home matches against top-half teams since 2009/10

Blackburn v Wigan Saturday, 3.00pm


Ø Last season Blackburn won 6 of their 7 home matches against bottom-seven finishers and five occasions won both halves.

Ø Wigan have lost 15 of their previous 22 away matches

Ø There have been at least three goals in 9 of Wigan’s last 13 away matches against bottom-half teams since 2009/10.

Liverpool v Chelsea Sunday 4.00pm


Ø Liverpool have won consecutive matches for the first time this season and have lost just 2 of their last 16 home games.

Ø Liverpool have only lost twice in their last 7 home matches against the Big Four since 2008/09.

Ø There have been fewer than three goals in the last nine meetings between Liverpool and Chelsea

Liverpool on a winning streek!!!!Lets see them escape relegation ... come Gerrard!!!