Friday nights banter wasn’t the best but better news of a more sober but no less enjoyable nature, is the release of a FREE football fans magazine out just 9 hours ago and a great football friend of ours (pardon the pun Chris) check it out here… we think its got the makings of a great publication and is destined to be at the forefront of English soccer literature…

Chris States:

Being a FOOTBALL FAN just got a little better!!!

You don’t get anything for free, apparently.  Those of us who have been lectured by any stereotypical British pessimist will have had that phrase thrown at them.

Surely therefore the notion of an interesting, humorous and vibrant magazine about the nation’s favourite sport, absolutely free of charge, is one that can be dismissed as quickly as the idea of ‘Bramble for England’?  I mean, what could this magazine possibly offer…

What if this magazine had the potential to become the hub of British fan culture?  What if this magazine offered a light-hearted and insightful look at football, written for the fans, by the fans; each month offering different styles of article catering for every possible taste?  What if these articles weren’t written in the press box, but on the terraces; written amongst the Bovril, the beer, and all that joyous banter?

Don’t think this hypothetical magazine has compromised on quality though.  This publication has scoured the country for undiscovered talent, people whose ability to construct perceptive and thought-provoking pieces is surpassed only by their passion for the beautiful game.

And just imagine if this magazine had an online facility, a website offering all this footballing wisdom and intuition at the click of a button.

Hypothetical this magazine is not.  Welcome to Football Friends ladies and gentlemen, the new, exciting and somewhat revolutionary addition to the football media market.

Once a month we’ll cram this magazine with enough footballing literature to tide you over to the next.  Whether you like it funny or serious, positive or negative, about issues here or abroad; Football Friends has got it covered.  And it won’t cost you a penny.

You don’t get anything for free?  What about ‘the best things in life are free’?  If you’re a football fan, that phrase just got a little bit truer.

Footnote to Chris Peters: Thanks for all your time effort and patience Chris seeing the English Football Post grace the first page made all the hard work worthwhile…all the very best in the future with all you do…Dan