An Interview with Sir Geoff Hurst on The EFP Podcast


On Monday evening The English Football Post’s Luke Bryson (kindly and professionally assisted on the night by my indelible friend, Naomi Laver) caught up with the living legend that is Sir Geoff Hurst, to gain a unique insight into England’s only ever World Cup win in ’66, a summer that proved life-changing for Sir Geoff. He also gave his thoughts on his country’s chances in this summer’s forthcoming tournament.

When The EFP’s Luke Bryson met Sir Geoff Hurst

The interview was made possible by Chris Nee (of and Sir Geoff Hurst was speaking as part of the publicity campaign for the Royal Mint World Cup Medal and our readers can visit to claim their free lucky World Cup Medal.

On behalf of all at The English Football Post, I’d like to say thank you to all who were involved; to Chris, and to Sir Geoff Hurst himself, who kindly gave up his time and provided this site with a truly insightful interview. Please enjoy!

The English Football Post Geoff Hurst Interview