Drogba disgrace? Souness, Redknapp & Dunphy!


The last few days have been truly captivating viewing for the world of soccer.


The two semi-finals have been top drawer entertainment and a credit to our game, especially last night’s epic battle between the brawn of Chelsea and silky-skilled F.C. Barcelona.


Manchester United again asserted their authority and were dominant against a lacklustre Arsenal side; and last night, I feel strongly, Chelsea got what they deserved, despite having one or two decent shouts for a penalty. Let’s not forget the diving that led up to those decisions and also Abidal’s wrongful dismissal.


Drogba’s behaviour after on Sky was, as he put it “a disgrace”


I also thought Drogba’s behaviour at the end (pictured above and you can also hear below) was an absolute disgrace and he should face all the necessary punishment for bringing the game into disrepute. This doesn’t happen in any other sport and sore losers and bad sportsmanship should not be tolerated in the wonderful world of football!


However, it’s not only the players who have been making the headlines, the pundits have been creating fantastic entertainment also.  I am in the midst of penning a story comparing the maverick pundits of Ireland’s RTé with the usually more conservative pundits of English television; the last few days have fueled my fire enormously.


The last couple of evenings have been classic viewing, with Graham Souness at the heart of both networks (both Skysports and Ireland’s RTé). Here is Souness taking an ear bashing from Ireland’s argumentative old gits: Johnny Giles and (of course) the infamous Eamon Dunphy, who I have to say, on this occasion, I have to agree with. Check out the boys post-match in the Rté studio after United had just comfortably beaten Arsenal: who they just love to argue about:


And here is another look at things getting heated for a change in the Skysports studio after Barcelona had just beaten Chelsea, which involves Souness once more; with Drogba’s disgraceful behaviour caught on camera and Jamie Redknapp being his usual annoying sit-on-the-fence self, in the Skysports studio.

* He later went on to rant that Norwegian refs should not referee massive semi finals like this one and it should’ve been an Italian or Spanish ref – hmmm or maybe we should’ve had a Chelsea referee Jamie?

Please enjoy: